To meet the challenges of international cases, our firm provides you with a network of lawyers based in many countries having recognised expertise in our areas of practice 

With the Insuralex network, the firm has been developing its international activities for over 30 years, particularly in the insurance and civil liability sector, where it has had the opportunity to work on major international claims. 

The firm is also consistently involved in international intellectual property and multimedia cases. 

To better meet the needs of our clients, we offer the services of a network of law firms: 


INSURALEX is an international group dedicated to the insurance, reinsurance and liability sector. It is comprised of independent law firms, which are all selected according to their expertise and experience in this sector and considered to be major players in their respective countries. 

The group can handle any cases within its area of practice and provide advice or opinions on applicable law and the procedures applicable in each country. 

INSURALEX works for a large number of insurers worldwide and its members have been involved in handling numerous major claims such as:

    • The Mont-Blanc Tunnel fire 
    • The Linate airport disaster 
    • The AGF/Wasa/Lexington case brought before the English Supreme Court 
    • The national blackout in Italy in 2003 
    • The Chubb & AIG case against Parmalat et al. 
    • The sinister Maconda Well (involving Deepwater Horizon) 
    • Management of litigation arising from the events of September 11, 2001 
    • The management of disputes arising during the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 
    • The dispute over Chinese slimming herbs in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg 
    • The Turkish Airlines crash at Schiphol Airport 
    • The Buncefield explosion in England 


The group is represented in over 60 countries or states and is able to offer assistance solutions in other countries.