Our Skills

Expertise enhanced by our professional experiences with our clients

The firm provides legal advice, assistance and representation before all courts as well as the out-of-court settlement of disputes.

Relying on our solid experience, we are able to provide tailored solutions and strategic advice to meet our clients’ needs.

Insurance and liability law

The firm has recognised expertise in giving advice to and defending insurers and businesses in relation to property damage, general liability and professional liability risks in all sectors of activity. 


Our areas of practice in matters of advice and litigation are principally the following:

  • Advice on insurance matters: advice on drafting policies / advice on analysing cover
  • Insurance litigation:  general liability / professional liability / property damage / construction
  • Liability of insurance intermediaries: brokers, insurance agents
  • Industrial and environmental risks: fire, pollution, industrial accidents
  • Product liability:  industrial, health products and food products sector
  • Builders’ liability: private and public works contracts
  • Carrier liability :  transport by air, land, rail and sea / carriage of goods and passengers
  • Liability of tourism professionals: liability of travel agencies / hoteliers
  • Medical liability:  liability of healthcare professionals – manufacturers of medical devices
  • Liability of regulated professions and of other professionals: notaries / investment advisers / diagnosticians / estate agents / garage owners
  • Employer’s liability for gross negligence: accidents at work and occupational illnesses
  • Compensation for personal injury / collective accidents: assistance with medical expert appraisals, assistance and advice in setting up special schemes in the event of collective accidents or serial claims
Labour and Social Security Law

The firm has extensive experience in labour and social security law, providing advice and solutions tailored to its clients' decision-making in individual and collective labour relations, as well as defending their interests before the relevant courts. Our areas of practice in matters of advice and litigation are principally:


    • Individual labour relations: audit of existing employment contracts and the legality of certain clauses, drafting of and amendments to employment contracts, disciplinary law, advice on the performance of employment contracts, prevention of psycho-social risks...
    • Termination of employment contracts: advice and assistance with dismissal procedures and special dismissal procedures (protected employees), contractual termination. Follow-up of litigation before the employment tribunals, including issues arising under international labour law. Settlement and conciliation before the employment tribunals, seeking to optimise tax and social security aspects specific to severance payments.
    • Accidents at work and occupational illnesses:  assisting employers or employees with claims for recognition of occupational illnesses or accidents at work, appeals against decisions by social security bodies relating to the coverage of illnesses and/or accidents at work, rates of disability and the calculation of pension increases.
      • Proceedings relating to an employer’s gross negligence: litigation to recognise an employer’s gross negligence before the social security division of the judicial court and litigation before the employment tribunal relating to the duty of safety (e.g. prejudice of anxiety related to asbestos exposure)
      • Criminal defence of employers in matters relating to labour law and accidents at work.
      • Labour relations: Advice in negotiating and drafting collective bargaining agreements, assistance within the context of relations between the employer, the CSE (Economic & Social Committee) and the trade unions. Handling of collective labour disputes.
    • Staff elections and challenges to the appointment of trade union delegates.

Our professional references

Since its creation, the firm has been involved in a number of major cases that have enriched its experience and expertise: 

    • Fires in the Mont-Blanc Tunnel and the Fréjus Tunnel (defence of the drivers and insurers of the vehicles involved and management of claims in France and abroad) 


    • Explosion at the AZF factory in Toulouse (assisting the factory owner with managing compensation for the victims, out-of-court and in court, and defending the civil interests of the defendants in the criminal proceedings) 


    • Collapse of terminal 2 E at Charles de Gaulle Airport (defence of a contractor in the court-ordered expert appraisal) 


    • Litigation involving claims relating to the construction sites Bibliothèque Nationale de France and Hôpital Georges Pompidou in Paris 


    • The Allinges rail accident (defence of civil interests in the criminal proceedings) 


    • Vehicle recall procedures (defence of vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers), 


    • Environmental pollution further to the rupture of pipelines (assisting the operator with compensation for local residents and managing the proceedings) 


    • Fraud involving PIP breast implants (defence of PIP’s insurer before the civil, criminal and European courts; assistance in setting-up an out-of-court compensation scheme) 


    • Covid-19 pandemic (defending insurance companies in litigation relating to “business interruption loss” cover 


    • Fatal accidents on construction sites (defence of building contractors before the criminal and civil courts), 


    • Fires and major explosions (Rue Trévise, La Teste-de-Buch forest fire, warehouses, Vendôme and Edouard VII car parks…)